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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Best of 2010

I had a hard time trying to figure out my favorite albums of 2010. I cant say i'm thrilled with this year's records, but here are my list:

1.Gift Horse - Mountain of Youth
2.Lower Dens - Twin hand movements
3.Film School - Fission

4.iliketrains - He Who Saw the Deep
5.Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini
6.Scout Niblett- The Calcination of Scout Niblett
7.Kristin Hersh - Crooked
8.Junip - Fields
9.The soundcarriers - Celeste
10.Sufjan Stevens - All Delighted People ep

Here is a bunch of single songs I really liked:
Dreamend - Magnesium Light
Deerhunter - Desire Lines
Harmful - Fingertips
The Ponys - The Walk
Anni Rossi - Crushed Limbs
Grouplove - Gold Coast
iliketrains - These Feet of Clay
Latitia Sadier - Statues Can Bend
The Soft Pack - Answer to Yourself
Autolux - Audience No. 2
Dag För Dag - Hands And Knees

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Song of the Month: Deerhunter - Desire Lines

Yes, I got totally hooked by this great, nice song.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Machete, A Town Called Panic, How I Ended This Summer, The Social Network, Broderskap

Machete (2010)

This Robert Rodriguez movie is one of the coolest and toughest movies I’ve seen in a long time now. It reminds me a bit of Planet Terror, with the same rawness, blood, “old look”, sexy women and action. It is packed full of dry and silly humor, which made me laugh a lot.

My rating: 9,5/10

Other movies I have watched recently, but don’t feel like to write much about is:

A Town Called Panic (2009)
Belgian animation. Crazy story and humor. Some good laughs.
My Rating: 7/10

How I ended this summer (2010)
Russian. Minimalistic. Two charachters. Beautiful landscapes, very slow going.
My Rating: 7,5/10

The Social Network (2010)
Great entertainment.
My Rating: 7,5/10

Broderskap/Brotherhood (2009)
Great entertainment.
My Rating: 7,5/10

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ex-drummer, Alle Anderen, Armadillo, The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

Ex-Drummer (2007)

With the atmosphere and rawness of Trainspotting, only more brutal and dirty, Ex-Drummer is about three maniacs asking a well-known writer to join their band as a drummer. None of the characters are likeable; each one is crazy in different ways.
What made the movie watchable is the cool rocky soundtrack, the different type of cinematography and a lot of crazy scenes. Nudity, blood, sick minds and rock music are the key words for this film.

My rating: 7/10

Alle Anderen (2009)

I was looking forward to finally see this German movie, but it became too boring for me. Great acting, but because of the lack of soundtrack and a proper story I quit watching this after an hour.

Armadillo (2010)

Finally I got to see this Danish documentary about a group of soldiers in Afghanistan. I saw it at Molde cinema. I think I would have enjoyed it more if it hadn’t been for the fact that I had intense pains in my right knee. With my long legs I couldn’t stretch out, and I kept thinking of the irritating pain during half of the movie, then I finally found a position it didn’t bother me too much.
Back to the movie: it felt really “uncensored” and real. I read that the filmmakers had hundreds of hours of tape, and the result is powerful, well edited and raw.

My rating: 8/10

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2001)

This is one of the silliest movies I’ve ever seen. I laughed out loud a lot, but through the end I thought it was too much silly humor. I should have watched it in two portions. It’s kind of when I read the Hitch Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy; I got tired of all the crazy humor after the second book.
I let imdb do the work for telling what this movie is about: “A dedicated scientist, aided by his clueless wife, rolls up his shirt sleeves and tries to save the world from a radioactive monster, curious space aliens, an evil scientist and a crabby skeleton in this send-up of the best of the B movies of the 1950's. “

The bad acting and the script are hilarious. There is a bunch of obvious goofs, and it is full of movie references. I think maybe I would have enjoyed it more, if I had seen a lot of those old B movies of the 1950s the references are from.

My rating: 7/10

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Listen to this song on repeat several times. Ohm, so good. The song of the week!">

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Visitor, Winter's Bone

The Visitor (2007)

A very beautiful movie about a professor who returns home to his apartment in New York he hasn’t been for years. But the apartment is occupied by some strangers.
The story is great but sad, and the actor performance of Richard Jenkins is superb. Nominated for Oscar.

My rating: 8,5/10

Winter’s Bone (2010)

With an average rating of 8,1/10 at imdb, this movie is about the 17 year old Ree Dolly and her poor family. Her drug producing father is missing, and the local sheriff tells her that her father put up their house as collateral for his bail and unless he shows up for his trial in a week's time, they will lose it all. Now she starts on a long dark adventure trying to find him, but anywhere she goes the message is the same: stay out of it. She refuses to listen, even after her father’s brother Teardrop, tells her he is probably killed.
This dark sort of a fairytale reminds me a bit of The Road, only with more people in it. It’s the same grey atmosphere and similar sad, but suiting soundtrack. The acting is superb, the cinematography is great, and there are a lot of puzzles for the watcher. I wouldn’t be surprised if Winter’s Bone wins a lot of prizes.

My Rating: 8,5/10

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lower Dens

Lower Dens – “Twin-hand Movements”

A four-man band from Baltimore and one of many side projects of Jana Hunter this is. Their psychedelic, experimental indie rock makes me think of bands like Sonic Youth, The Low Frequency in Stereo, The Warlocks and Calla.

“Together, the freak folk quartet has a sound that is psychedelic and murky, embodying the experimental nature of the Baltimore music scene with songs that are equal parts reverb-drenched folk and swirling ambience.” (

Almost every track on the album is great and unique, and my favorites are “Tea Lights”, “Rosie” and “Hospice Gates”.

My rating: 8/10


Album of the Month

Gift Horse –”Mountain of Youth”

I discovered Gift Horse through Blalock’s indie/rock playlist of June 2010, and got sucked in their music. The band is from Athens, USA and this is their first album.
Gift Horse sounds a bit like a mixture of Film School and Calla. I’m no expert to write about the music itself, so I refer to what “The Silver Tongue” writes about them:

"Filled with heavy, exploding drum beats and a magical, ethereal blending of guitar, bass, and keys, Gift Horse has the ability to draw you in, capture your mind, and compel your imagination. Their songs carry menacing undertones and floating vocals that at once pick you up and mellow you out. Each melody offers a climax, backed by raging cymbals, which give way to atmospheric organ tones preparing you for the next climax and back around again."

I like almost every song on the album, but my favorites are “Not the only one”, “October House”, “Eyes” and especially the last slow track “And when I die”.

My rating: 8,5/10


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Four Lions, Vratné lahve, Monsters

Four Lions (2010)

This is low-budget black comedy and a clever satire about four Muslims in Great Britain who want to participate with the terrorists. It is funny, unpredictable, a bit annoying sometimes and a bit sad. I don’t have much more to add than it was an original movie and I haven’t seen anything like this before.

My rating: 7,5/10

Vratné lahve / Empties (2007)

Czech movie with the same director, Jan Sverák, who did “Akumulator 1”, a sci-fi comedy I really enjoyed. This movie is about the old man Josef Tkaloun who quits his job as a teacher, and begins working in a bottle recycling station at a grocery store. Though he lives with his wife, he thinks of new and younger women everyday.
This is quite a family friendly movie, a movie I could for example recommend to my mother who doesn’t like movies with cursing, sex or violence. The reason why I enjoyed it was because of many small things; the funny dialogs, the great characters and the great surprising ending.

My rating: 7,5/10

Monsters (2010)

The main story is about a US journalist (Scoot McNairy) who agrees to escort a tourist (Whitney Able) through an alien infected Mexico to the border of US.
When I watched this I was thinking about movies like District 9, Jurassic Park and maybe a dash of Lost in Translation.
I guess there are a lot of people who will get disappointed after watching this, hoping there would be more creatures as the title might suggest. It didn’t bother me. In fact, I think I would have enjoyed it without any scenes with the monsters. The story around these two fine actors was great enough. Man, Whitney Able is sexy in this. Also; good soundtrack, nice cinematography and great atmospheres.

My rating: 8/10

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Music

I've checked out some new music this month. I found some nice songs from Blalocks ( and I found some new bands by googling "George Dorn Screams"+"Festivals" and googled through the bands playing at the "OFF Festival" in Poland.

First band I want to introduce is Gift Horse from USA:

Next song: I think you will be surpriced me putting this video up, but I actually think this song from Anni Rossi is quite cool:

And, at last the Chicago band Apteka who played at the OFF Festival in 2006:

I couldn't find any videos with good sound, but you should check out their myspace site:

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dog Pound, 5150 Rue des Ormes, Bungalow

Dog Pound (2010)

We follow three teenagers in a youth prison. The movie deals with the life inside the walls, friendship, bullies, guard – prisoner relations and revenge.
I didn’t get attached to the movie until about halfway through the story. It did really build up and explore like a good post rock song.
The cast was okay, the soundtrack was maybe a bit too “noisy” and I didn’t think it suited the different scenes from time to time. Overall, the movie had a strong story and I don’t regret I saw it.

My rating: 7,5/10

5150, Rue des Ormes / 5150 Elm's Way (2009)

French interesting thriller about a 22 year old boy, who is riding his bike in his new neighborhood, crashes and asks a man to call for a taxi. Bleeding from his scratches he walks into the man’s house and suddenly hears someone scream for help. He walks up in the second floor towards the screams and discovers a wounded man, locked inside a room. Soon he will be the one who is hold prisoner in the house with the crazy family.
Very thrilling and exciting movie, but with some weak points here and there.

My rating: 8/10

Bungalow (2002)

I don’t know why I haven’t used the word “minimalistic” before. I have seen a lot of minimalistic movies, and Bungalow is definitely one of them. German movie this is, about a young soldier who is returning home running away from the army. Home, he meets his brother with his new girlfriend (Trine Dyrholm). The latter is very hot and the young soldier thinks so too.
Before I watched this I read one of the few reviews on imdb, which said that either you will hate this movie, or you will love it. I agree. If you are not interested in the main character, or for slow-going story, you may not like this. I did.

My rating: 8/10

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Frozen (2010)

Woah! This was creepy.
The storyline is pretty simple: Three people get stuck in an alpine ski lift at a night where no one knows they are up there, and it is very far down. The only ones that see them up there are some blood hungry wolves. And it’s freezing cold.
Great acting, great script and creepy and disgusting moments. I actually felt a bit bad in my stomach after watching this one. Very exciting movie.

My rating: 8,5/10

Friday, September 10, 2010

1 % of one

I have been a fan of Pavement and Stephen Malkmus for a while, but haven't paid much attention to his side project "Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks" before now. Oh my god, I loooove this song:


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sügisball / Autumn Ball (2007)

Veiko Õunpuu – wow. This Estonian director really can do his magic. As with “Püha Tõnu kiusamine” (The Temptation of St. Tony) this movie is so different, so original, so powerful, so strange than most of the movies I usually come over.
This story deals with a bunch of sad people and their sad relationships. I’m actually not so fond of many character stories in movies, but this I enjoyed.
Even though the sad story, there are plenty of funny scenes and dialogs that kicks it up.
What the director is really capable of is to get the viewer sucked in the atmosphere, using beautiful cinematography, powerful soundtrack, unpredictable and surprising scenes. The acting is super, everything is great. As with his other movie, I didn’t understand the whole of this. Maybe I understood 1/3. When I mentioned great soundtrack, I can tell you that there was music from Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Nick Cave and Bohren und der Club of Gore.
One minus with the movie: maybe too long.

My rating: 9/10

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Celda 211, Püha Tõnu kiusamine

Celda 211/ Cell 211 (2009)

Thrilling Spanish prison movie this is. I smell a Hollywood remake of this one.
Juan is getting a guide through a prison where he will be working his next days. In the middle of the tour, the inmates make a riot, taking over some blocks in the prison and Juan is caught inside. His only way to survive is to pretend he is a real prisoner, and he does so. With the other crazy inmates he befriends the leader of the riot, Malamadre, who fully believes Juan is one of his own kinds.
Why did I like it? Well, it was never boring, the cast was great (almost every inmate looked real), it contained a lot of disgusting real-looking blood scenes, and there was an interesting story.

My rating: 7,5/10

Püha Tõnu kiusamine/ The Temptation of St. Tony (2009)

Wow… This Estonian strange, absurd, interesting movie really deserves a “wow”. I can’t believe it isn’t more known. It would, if it was an American movie, that’s for sure! On imdb there are only 195 votes with an average rating of 7,2/10.
Well, it’s kind of hard to describe what the movie is about, but I can try:
It’s about a factory manager who recently lost his father. On his way home from the funeral he drives over a dog, and when he drags the dog into a forest he discovers a bunch of sawed off hands. He reports the findings to a police station, and there he kind of rescues a beautiful woman.
This strange, mystical, funny, scary movie is in black and white and has a very beautiful cinematography. It’s stylish, original… really interesting thing. I’ve never seen something like this. It could be compared with some of David Lynch’s movies, maybe Lars von Trier’s Antichrist, and maybe Roy Anderson.
Everything in this movie is extraordinary; powerful suitable soundtrack, the acting, the nice images and the mystical story. I didn’t understand the whole of it, but enough to just sit back and enjoy. I’m looking forward to read a full analysis of it, if it’s available.

My rating: 9,5/10

Sunday, September 5, 2010



Its been a long time I've heard such a beautiful song like this. Dreamend is a completely new band to me, but I'll guess I'm going to listen to them a lot more this month.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Old and new music

When I discovered the band Young Rival some days ago, one of my old favorite bands Rival Schools popped up in my head. What happened with that band? They gave out one lp "United By Fate" (2001) and the band dissolved. That was a shame. United By Fate has a lot of great songs: Travel by Telephone, Undercovers on, Good Things, Favourite Star, So Down On. With those good songs and many more, I would rate the album 9/10.


The other band, Young Rival sounds cool too.
They have their own style, but I would say they sounds like a mixture of Queens of the Stoneage, Ambulance Ltd. and The Vines. You decide:


Film School is giving out their 4th album these days "Fission", which I preordered (then I will get the CD signed) and was given the mp3's of the album as well. By the first listenings I was not completely satisfied. Where are the muscles? I thought. I have listened through the songs 3-4 times now, and I can say that this album is better than "Hideout" (2007) but far way as good as the very great self titled album from 2006. I decide that I will give Fission some more time before I will rate it.


Other good new music: Well, I got my brother to write down his 10 favorite albums of all time. One rule was that he could put only one album from a band.
His list was this: (in no particular order)

Anathema - Jugdement
Arcturus - The Sham Mirrors
Katatonia - Brave Murder Days
Opeth - Morningrise
Ulver - Bergtatt
Metallica - s/t
Blackfield - Blackfield II
Den Saakaldte - All Hail Pessimisn
Keep of Kalessin - Armada
Paradise Lost - Draconian
Satyricon - Volcano
Ikunien Kaamos - Forlorn

...and decided I would check out the ones I hadnt heard of. That would be Blackfield, Den Saakaldte and Ikuinen Kaamos. I have only listened to Den Saakaldte and think they are very good.


I did also write down my 10 best albums one day, and that list is here:

Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Beck - Odelay
Opeth - Orchid
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
Radiohead - Kid A
Film School - s/t
Low - Long Division
Sonic Youth - Murray Street
Tool - Ænima
Thee More Shallows - More Deep Cuts

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New music, August

Tomorrow I will drive to Molde, that’s approximately a 8 hour long drive. Last time I went, I made 4 mix cds, but now I have to make some new ones. Fortunately I have got some new music now and you should check out these:


Brendan Perry is pretty new to me. I am going to buy "Ark" (2010). Almost all the songs on the album are great.

Experimental Aircraft is a small band from Austin, Texas and has a lot of good songs.

Harmful from Germany has a lot of good music, too bad I could not find "Fingertips" from their last album "Cause" (2010).

I have known Say Hi for some years know, but their latest album "Oohs and ahhs" is pretty new for me.

Now, this is a sweet girl I would like to date!

Unfortunatly I couldnt find any songs from his lates album "Cities" (2009), but that is a very good album. Really nice sounds.

... from the latest album "Speedbath".

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kynodontas (2009)

Kynodontas/ Dogtooth (2009)

Let me first start to say that this Greek provoking movie is a real 10’er.
Three teenagers are living isolated in a house far away from other people, except for their controlling parents.
From the very beginning I was attached: great acting and great cinematography. I did not know what the movie was about, so I thought the first scenes were very weird. Some scenes were difficult to watch. I actually had to turn away three times, something I seldom do.
The length of the movie is 94 min and it could be much longer.

My rating: 10/10

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living in Oblivion, Greenberg, Adam

Living in Oblivion (1995)

I have to say, this is my favorite movie with Steve Buscemi.
It is about the work on a movie set where everything goes wrong, and the director (Buscemi) is flipping out.
I laughed a lot, but got disappointed two times when it was revealed that two long scenes just was the dreams of the two main characters. I really hate when there are dreams in movies, for example when a character wakes up and we say “oh, it was only a dream”. I’m sure I’m not the only one who that kind of shit.
Except for the dream thing, this movie was really enjoyable and funny. Funny characters, funny dialogs, great actor performance, and cool black and white picture (color in the set’s movie).

My rating: 7,5/10

Greenberg (2010)

What a disappointment! My expectations for this were high; Noah Baumbach and Ben Stiller.
Ben Stiller plays this mental unstable guy who is going to stay in his brother’s house in New York for 6 weeks, and he gets to know the younger Florence girl. They make out, but Roger (Ben’s character) doesn’t know what he wants.
What I loved in “The Squid and the Whale” was the funny and great characters, the story and much of the dialogs. Greenberg has some funny dialogs, great actor performances, and good soundtrack. But that’s it. The story flattens too often, and the back-and-forth-relationship between Roger and Florence is too annoying. The story in this movie is weak, so weak that I didn’t bother to watch the last half hour of it.

My rating: 5,5/10

Adam (2009)

This romantic drama/comedy follows the typical Hollywood story building, and is about Adam with Asberger’s syndrome who meets and falls in love with the new neighbor.
Some scenes which deal with Adam’s syndrome is funny and awkward, but the rest of the movie is too sweet and predictable. Adam loses his job and is looking for a new one, and it is too obvious what job which will suit him.
Overall: good acting and production, but weak unoriginal story.

My rating: 6/10

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Jacket, Severance, Assembly

The Jacket (2005)

This movie started out okey, but after a while when I discovered what was happening it became worse and worse, with a really bad “happy ending”.
The story is about a guy who gets hurt in the war in Iraq, and back home he suffer of delusions. He hikes with a car, which later gets stopped by the police, then he has a black out and wakes up at a mental hospital, charged by murdering a police man. But the man doesn’t remember anything. A doctor tries this special program, putting him in a straight jacket inside a drawer where you put dead people and the man dreams about him in the future.
The future sight thing didn’t do it for me, I have to say. Even if the whole thing was a dream. Too weird.

My rating: 4/10

Severance (2006)

This is one the best horror comedy I have seen in a long time.
Some office people are going on a team building trip in some forest in Hungary, but they never reach their destination because of a road blockade. After a while they discover that someone is after them.
Why did I enjoy it so much? Well, it was really funny, unpredictable, original and the splatter effects was great. It contains cool movie references, boobs, nice dialogs and a great ending.

My rating: 8/10

Ji jie hao/ Assembly (2007)

Made in China, this is a very beautiful shot war movie.
Captain Gu Zidi from the Liberation Army and his 47 men are defending a coal mine in a civil war. He is the only one who survives, and suffers from feeling guilty not to have heard the retreat assembly of the bugle.
The war scenes are extremely nice shot. Overall the movie is great, but it is a bit too long.

My rating: 7,5/10

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Los Bastardos, Primer, Renaissance

Los Bastardos (2008)

One thing is clear: I think I will never watch this movie again.
It is about two brothers who are undocumented Mexican day-laborers in L.A. They do different work every day, but this day the job is special. There are more cash and has something to do with a shotgun.
Most of the scenes are extremely slow and boring, the production is very simple, some of the acting is poor, but the story is not so bad. Surprising and shocking ending.

My rating: 5/10

Primer (2004)

What if you could clone yourself and make your “double-back-in-time” to change the future?
This plot (sorry for the spoiler) reminds me about a classic Calvin & Hobbes cartoon, where Calvin makes a time-machine box so he can go back in time and tell a copy of himself do to the homework he was supposed to do that day.
In the first twenty minutes or so of this movie it is a bit difficult to understand what the characters are talking about. It’s a lot of tech-language. Then it slowly starts to make you ask questions.
Beautiful shot, good acting, suitable soundtrack, and you have to do a lot of thinking yourself.

My rating: 7,5/10

Renaissance (2006)

This is a very beautiful and stylish sci-fi animation about a missing important scientist, who the police with the strong captain Karas are searching for.
The images are in black and white, except for a few scenes where some colors are added. It’s a thrilling story, a bit dark, and reminds me a bit of Sin City.

My rating: 7,5/10

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Music News

It is hard to keep track of all your bands' updates and news all the time, so I searched through a list of favourites, finding out if I could sign their mailing list. At the same time I looked after new stuff: albums, side projects etc. Maybe this post will be informative to you too.

(NA= new album,LP) (NE= new EP) (S=on spotify) (D=dissolved?)

- The Ponys, NE "Deathbed Plus 4" (2010)

- Harmful, NA "Cause" (2010) (S)

- Working for a nuclear free city, NA soon

- Humanzi, NA "Kingdom of Ghosts"

- A Toys Orchestra, NA "Midnight Talks"

- All the Saints, NA soon

- Ambulance Ltd, new project "The Red Romance" (S)

- Autolux, NA "Transit-Transit"

- Blackmail, side project "Scumbucket" (S)

- Calla, (D)

- Cul de Sac, (D)

- The December Sound, NA soon

- Devics, (D)

- Electrelane, (D)

- Experimental Aircraft, NA soon

- Explosions in the sky, NA 2011

- Film School, NA July 2010

- George Dorn Screams, NE

- Interpol, NA 7th September 2010

- Junius, NA "The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist" (2009) (S)

- Kinski, NA autumn 2010?

- Kristin Hersh, NA "Crooked" (?)

- Liam Finn, side project "Barb"

- The Lovetones, NA "Dimensions" (2009)

- Pagoda, NA "Rebirth" (?)

- Pelican, NA "What we all come to need" (2009)

- Say Hi, NA "Oohs and Aahs" (2009)

- Scout Niblett, NA "The Calcination of Scout Niblett" (2010)

- Soundpool, NA "Mirrors in your eyes" (2010)

- Tears Run Rings, NA "Distance" August 24th 2010

- Tool, NA 2010?

- Viva Voce, new project "Blue Giant"

- The Walkmen, NA "Lisbon" September 14th 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kick Ass, Bored To Death

Kick Ass (2010)

Suitable title for this action and comedy packed movie. Since it is such a big picture I won’t work my ass off to tell you what it is about. I laughed a lot, got surprised and I enjoyed almost all of it. Suitable soundtrack many places (minus for the use of music used in “28 Weeks Later”), great action scenes, unpredictable, original and great entertainment.
Kick Ass reminds me a bit of “Defendor” with Woody Harrelson, but that movie is more serious and better in some ways.

My Rating: 8/10

Bored to Death, season 1 (2009)

So I have watched the complete first season of Bored to Death this weekend. I discovered the show by an accident and after reading the reviews at, seeing who the actors in it was and the fact that it was a HBO show, I would give it a try. I was not completely satisfied after two episodes, but it was a bit entertaining, and I finished it. What’s great with the show is the weird humor and some of the stories. The cast is great: Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and guy from “Hangover”, Zach Galifianakis, and there are some cool guest appearances like Jim Jarmusch.
In average I think I laughed out loud a couple a times in each episode.

My rating: 7,5/10

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Linkeroever, A Nyomozo

Linkeroever/ Left Bank (2008)

I had to see more movies from the director of “Dirty Mind”, Pieter Van Hees, and bought this straight from since I couldn’t find any suitable subtitles to this horror/drama flick.
It starts up interesting, with references to David Lynch and Roman Polanski. It is about a 22 year old runner, who meets an interesting archer and falls in love with him. She gets sick and has to be away from running for some weeks, and during that time she tries to figure out what happened to her boyfriend’s last tenant, who once mystically disappeared.
The cinematography is very beautiful, and the soundtrack is powerful and suits the mystical story. The main character girl is very cute and we get to se her naked a bunch of times.
Other good shit: disgusting scenes (a lot of puking, gruesome wounds etc) and an exciting ending.
One of the bad things in this film is probably the script. The story develops too slowly, and the movie feels much longer than its actual length.

My rating: 7,5/10

A Nyomozo / The Investigator (2008)

This Hungarian thriller was very clever and good.
“Malkav” works in a hospital styling and “finish the look” on dead people. His mother is ill, and he wants to earn some quick money so he can afford her an operation in Sweden. He is offered a job that is to kill another man.
My attention was caught at the very beginning of the film by its great cinematography, smart and funny dialogs and the exciting story. There are a lot of pretty actresses here, macabre deaths (from different “patients” of Malkav), and reminds me a bit like movies from Polanski, Aki Kaurismäki (the cold atmosphere) and the Poirot movies (with the characters and the investigations). As said, really great thriller, this deserves more attention!

My rating: 9,5/10

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Naj Sul, Mr. Nobody, Exam, Rampage

Naj Sul/Daytime Drinking (2008)

This South-Korean movie was way too long and boring. It is about a twentyish boy who is supposed to meet his friends in Jeongseon, but no one shows up. Then he meets different people, and every one of them makes his trip worse.
Boring, flat production, lack of soundtrack, gray and cold weather which suits the life of the boy.
The highlights are the dialogs. They are smart, funny and make it worth to watch the movie.

My rating: 5,5/10

Mr. Nobody (2009)

The average imdb rating on this movie is 7,5, and I can’t understand why it is so high.
This sci-fi movie is very beautiful shot, with a great cast and soundtrack, but is sooooo boring. I was hoping for a lot of cool sci-fi things, but instead of that, all you get is boring and uninteresting love/family scenes. I gave this up after about 30 minutes.

Exam (2009)

This movie starts great. Nice shot, beautiful soundtrack and an interesting plot: 8 candidates in a room, 80 minutes to solve a mystery. They are disqualified if they try to communicate with the one guard or the boss, or they spoil their paper.
This movie reminds me a bit of “Cube” without the deadly traps, but they may have to cooperate to succeed.
Unfortunately there are a lot of weak elements here. Firstly, I think the acting is stiff and bad. Secondly, the characters are a bit stereotypes, and for the third, the ending is kind of stupid. Hard to explain, but this was not my movie.

My rating: 5/10

Rampage (2009)

Woah! This is probably the sickest watchable movie I have ever seen. I use the phrase “watchable”, just to compare it with a lot of sick not-watchable movies like “Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma”, “Sweet movie”, “A Hole in My Heart” etc.
This movie is about 23 year old Bill who is doing a killing spree in a town. (Sorry for the spoiler)
I think it is hard to evaluate the film because of its gruesome story and meaning.
The cinematography is good; shaky and looks sort of real. The acting is good. There are a lot of nice action scene and effects. I wished the soundtrack was not so toned down, and some of the editing is a bit disturbing, but maybe it suits the theme of this film. I don’t know much about the director Uwe Boll, but I have heard that he is a legend of computer games and has made a lot of bad movies. I think this is one is brave, and I really wonder how it will be received by the different people out there. This is not a bad movie, just hard to swallow.

My rating: 7/10

Monday, June 7, 2010

Deftones - Diamond Eyes

After reading a lot of good reviews for Deftones’ last album, I really got excited. Now, after listing through the album for the 5th or 6th time, I don’t know how exactly to put it. I’m not thrilled. I think it is too noisy and chaotic, and I can’t get a hold on the songs. I think the best track is “Risk”. What I liked about the album before this, “Saturday Night Wrist”, was that it was very variable, it had powerful and great songs like “Hole in the Earth”, “Cherry Waves”, “Mein” and “Xerxes”, and I would be pleased if Deftones continued working with that style.

My rating: 5/10

Deadgirl, Patrik 1,5, Dirty Mind

Deadgirl (2008)

Man, what an excellent movie… Just kidding, this was shit. It is about Ricki and JT who are supposed to be in their late teenagers, but look like they are in the mid twenties. One day they explore this closed, old hospital and find a dead girl inside. Well, she is dead, but she is alive too, and JT finds her so attractive that he wants to do her. Ricki does not share the same feeling about the girl, maybe because he is in love with another girl in his class, a girl he dated 5 years ago. JT brings another friend to make love with the zombie, and Ricki think this is crazy and want it to stop.
Sure you can’t expect a lot of quality from low budget zombie flicks, but there are lots of irritating things here. The script is really bad. I wonder how many times the say “man” or their names in the dialogs. “Man, Ricki…” etc. There are a lot of plot holes, bad acting and bad editing. The main character Ricki (Shiloh Fernandez) reminds me of the girl from Twilight; nail biting and the same weird face expression all through the movie. The other guy, JT (Noah Segan), is actually not so bad.
Some things are good, though: the cinematography is not as bad as you would think, and there are some scenes that are pretty nasty. The soundtrack is not too bad either, and the movie is watchable.

My rating: 3/10

Patrik 1,5 (2008)

Why did I bother to watch so much of this shitty movie?
It is about a gay couple wanting to adopt a baby. They get a letter in their mail, saying they may adopt “Patrik 1,5”, but when the boy is “delivered” at the door, they see that Patrik actually is 15 years old. And worse: Patrik is homophobic and a bad boy. And it is more: everyone in their street despise them being all gay.
Yes, the movie is pretty predictable. And it has a lot of dull humor; the only funny moments are with Torkil Peterson’s character, maybe because Torkil always is a funny actor.
The script is weak, the soundtrack is horrible, and there’s the “SFSGTA” (Stupid Fight, Splitting, Get Together Again). I quit watching after the second "we don’t need each other, even though it is not true…”. A lot of clichés: Torkil’s character has a tough/troubled daughter, who we definitely know for sure will match Patrik. Bahh.

My rating: 2,5/10

Dirty Mind (2009)

Nice… This Belgian movie really kicked ass.
It is about shy Diego, working with his stuntman-brother at film sets. One day he has to step in for his brother doing a stunt, and it goes bad. Then he wakes up at the hospital as a completely new man: Tony. Tony is cool, tough and the girls are attracted to him. Some staff at the hospital believes that Diego/Tony suffers from a case of Frontal Syndrome, and the pretty neurologist Jaana is doing some investigation on him.
The cinematography is very stylish, tough and original. There are lot of cool stunt scenes, beautiful pictures, great acting, great soundtrack and great script.
- Funny, awesome movie!

My rating: 9,5/10

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Juni mixs

Two new CD compilations for my car this month, with these bands: Bear in Heaven, Clutchy Hopkins, Blackmail, The Growlers, Nasekomix, Devastations, The Big Sleep, Son Lux, Phantogram, Twin Tigers, Nedry, The Pack A.D., Funki Porcini, Gravenhurst and Blitzentrapper.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

In Search of a Midnight Kiss, Noise, Nue propriété

In Search of a Midnight Kiss (2007)

This is a very amateurish American romantic movie about some lonely twentyish guy putting out an ad on a dating website New Year’s Eve. He agree to meet the first caller, a blond annoying girl with a lot of problems. We follow them the whole day.
Like I said in the beginning, this is a low budget movie. The cinematography is nothing fancy at all, but that is not so important to me. The actors are okay, the soundtrack is okay, the story is a bit boring sometimes, but it has its funny moments too. I wished the girl was not so annoying, and I don’t understand why she freaks out in the middle of the film after hearing some lame confession from the guy. In almost every romantic comedies these days there is always a stupid fight, and then they get together again. I actually thought about to stop watching after a while, but did not want to go to sleep, and did not feel like to try another movie, so I watched the rest. It was watchable.

My rating: 6/10

Noise (2007)

Oh my god, what an amazing opening scene; a girl walks in a train/metro one night, and after a while she discovers that everyone in the wagon are shot dead.
The story follows that girl as the only eye witness, her life of being scared that maybe the killer will find her sometime. The story is also about a police man with tinnitus, who gets placed in an investigation caravan and has to take interviews from people that may know something about the murder of a woman, which the police think is connected with the train deaths.
The cinematography is very great, the soundtrack is powerful, and the police man character is great. The story flattens at sometimes, but in overall it is interesting and exciting.
Unfortunately some of the action scenes are a bit dark, so it is a bit difficult to se what is happening. The ending is maybe too short. Great thriller, not straight forward; you have to think a lot yourself, and that is cool.

My rating: 8/10

Nue propriété/Private Property (2006)

Touching and powerful drama about a dysfunctional family. A mother lives with her two twins in their late teenage years and the father lives with another family. At the beginning the tone between the mother and the sons is cheerful, but when the mother says she want to sell their house in order to start a new life, there are conflicts. This movie reminds me a bit of “The Squid and the Whale”, but this is more tragic.
The cinematography is great and has a lot of interesting camera angles, the acting is great, the script is great; a lot of funny and strange scenes/dialogs. The story is maybe a bit slow sometimes, but the tension builds up over time and suddenly explodes. There is not any soundtrack until the end, but in a way I didn’t miss it a lot. The ending is touching, and there are a lot of symbols.
I don’t understand why this movie didn’t win more prizes.

My rating: 8/10

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


From now on I'm going to write this shit in English. Maybe I will get more readers, and I get a chance to improve my English writing. Btw, the counter on the right side is very new, that is the reason why the numbers are so low...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ny musikk

Jeg sjekket gjennom en stor mengde ny musikk og sorterte ut hva jeg vil ha og hva jeg vil kaste.

An Pierle
Apostle of Hustle - folkloric feel
Betchadupa - aiming for your head
collections of colonies of bees (litt for kjedelig)
Twin Sister
Headdress (altfor møljete)
Husky Rescue
La Patère Rose
Pattern Is Movement
Peggy Sue
All tiny Creatures
Surf City
The Color Turning
The Pack A.D. - Funeral Mixtape (litt for slitsomt)
Under Byen - Alt er Tabt (synd, for jeg likte skikkelig godt det forrige)

Mondo Drag


Clutchy Hopkins



Mittens on Strings


Son Lux

Twin Tigers

The Pack A.D. - We Kill Computers

De ti beste skivene

I en tråd på forumet på ble det spurt om hva de ti beste skivene dine er. Jeg hadde lyst til å finne ut av mine, og brukte et par timer på å finne ut hvilke de var. Noen kriterium stilte jeg: kun èn plate fra en artist, og samleplater var ikke lov.

Disse kom jeg fram til: (tilfeldig rekkefølge)

Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Beck - Odelay
Opeth - Orchid
Interpol - Turn on the Bright Lights
Radiohead - Kid A
Film School - s/t
Low - Long Division
Sonic Youth - Murray Street
Tool - Ænima
Thee More Shallows - More Deep Cuts

Det var ingen lett oppgave. Jeg var veldig usikker etter de ni første. Da sto det mellom sistnevnte og disse:
Pixies - Doolittle
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - s/t
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Their Satanic Majesties' Second Request
The Ponys - Turn the lights out
True Widow - s/t
Katatonia - Brave Murder Days
Deftones - White Pony
Pavement -

Det jeg la vekt på da jeg valgte de ti beste cdene mine, var antall gode sanger/tot. ant. sanger, hvor lenge jeg har likt albumet og lytteopplevelser.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Un Prophete, Den Du Frygter, Afterschool, Sur mes lèvres

Un Prophete (2009)

Fransk gangerfilm, laget av Jacques Audiard, mannen som står bak ”The Beat that Skipped my Heart”, en film jeg også likte ganske godt.
Filmen handler om en ung arabisk fyr som blir sendt til fengsel for 6 år. Årsaken til det får vi vite lite om. Fra start av er han helt alene, men han kommer sakte men sikkert inn i de forskjellige gjengene.
Alt er topp her; kinematografien, skuespill, soundtracket. Spennende historie. Noe lang kanskje.

Karakter: 9/10

Den Du Frygter (2008)

Dansk psykologisk thriller. Mikael (Ullrich Thomsen) er en familiefar som sliter med deprivasjon. Så blir han med som forsøkskanin på anti-depresiva piller, og litt etter litt forandrer han seg.
Ja, for å ikke røpe hele filmen stopper jeg der. Bra kinematografi, skuespill. Veldig spennende første halvdel, men så synes jeg den tar en ending jeg ikke helt liker. Jeg håpa og trodde at det skulle være litt mer action/handling.

Karakter: 6/10

Afterschool (2008)

Det som er spesielt med denne amerikanske indiefilmen er produksjonen. Stillestående kamera og originale vinkler. Det passer handlingen, i med at den er svært saktegående. En typisk natte-film dette her, absolutt ingen film du ser dersom du ønsker action eller latter.
Filmen handler om Rob, en ung student som tilfeldigvis fanger opp på kamera døden av to jenter på skolen. Rob får i oppgave å lage en minnevideo for dem, og resultatet blir spesielt.
Huff, jeg var dårlig på å skrive handling, men det får gå.
Veldig bra bilde, skuespill og faktisk litt nervepirrende til tross for at den er så langsom. Mange svar en må tenke seg til selv, som ved en Haneke film.

Karakter: 8,5/10

Sur mes lèvres/Read My Lips (2001)

Av Jacques Audiard, mannen bak den første filmen jeg skrev om i denne posten.
Filmen handler om halvdøve Carla som ansetter Paul (Vincent Cassel) som sin assistent. Paul har sittet i fengsel og skylder en fyr masse penger. Med sine gode evner til å lese lepper, er Carla med på å hjelpe ham med en plan.
Det som er topp her er plottet, soundtracket og skuespillerne. Vincent Cassel har spilt mange slitsomme roller opp gjennom tida, men her er han mer behagelig. Carla-figuren er også veldig bra. Grunnen til at filmen ikke får toppkarakter hos meg, er fordi den ikke er helt perfekt. Noen av sidehistoriene kunne godt vært fjerna, men totalt sett er den spennende, rørende og tøff.

Karakter: 8,5/10

Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Rainer, Idiocracy, Gigante

Free Rainer (2007)

Skuffende greier as. Hadde liksom håpet på en god film pga:
- samme regissør som lagde ”Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei”
- Moritz Bleibtreu (Das Experiment, Im Juli…)
- Tysk film (en del av de siste tyske filmene jeg har sett har vært veldig gode)
Produksjonen og det første kvarteret er det eneste som er bra her. Skikkelig kul intro hvor hovedkarakteren grisekjører, drikker, sniffer kokain, kaster flaske ut av vinduet som forårsaker krasj, og krasjer selv inn i en bil. Så går det sakte men sikkert bare nedover. Han møter en jente og de begynner å jobbe for et prosjekt som går ut på å manipulere kanalregistreringsbokser rundt omkring Tyskland. De får det til slik at søppelprogrammer får mye lavere seeroppslutning enn det det egentlig er, og tvkanalene må skifte til mer læringsrike programmer. Plutselig er det mye mer folk ute, leker, kutter ut tv, og alle er glade. Morsomt plot egentlig, men gjennomførelsen av det er så ufattelig latterlig. Dessuten er filmen altfor lang og full av klisjeer.

Karakter: 3,5/10

Idiocracy (2006)

Mike Judges sci/fi om at populasjonen blir dummere og dummere for hvert år. Luke Wilson spiller en ”average Joe”, som blir fryst ned og våkner 500 år senere i en Beavis and Butthead verden. Han er den smarteste mannen på jorden og får i oppgave å redde verden.
Jeg synes ikke filmen var så veldig morsom. Tror jeg aldri humret av noe, men historien var grei nok. Litt slitsom til tider, og jeg ble fort lei av de dårlige Beavis and Butthead vitsene (jeg digger B&B ellers).

Karakter: 5/10

Gigante (2009)

Var skeptisk til denne en stund. Den har høstet mange priser, men ellers lunkne terningkast fra norske anmeldere. Ingunn Økland fra Aftenposten ga den en treer.
Selv ble jeg fort glad i filmen. I løpet av en halvtime frydet jeg meg godt over herlig kinematografi, skuespill, rar humor og passende soundtrack. Hovedproblemet er bare at filmen går så sykt sakte til tider. Historien: Jara er en svær fyr som jobber som overvåkelsesvakt på en butikk. På monitorskjermene får en dag øye på Julia og han blir forelsket. Så begynner han å spionere på henne overalt. Og det plager meg at han bruker så utrolig lang tid på det, at det tar så lang tid før han endelig snakker med henne. Heldigvis er det mange morsomme små hendelser innimellom stalkinga.

Karakter: 7,5/10

Thursday, May 20, 2010

[REC]2, Adventureland, The Pacific

[REC] 2 (2009)

Tja. Skvatt kanskje èn gang. Jo da, filmen var ratet noe lavere enn eneren, men mange det var mange som kommenterte at den var like bra som den. Det syntes ikke jeg. Filmen følger opp akkurat der den slutta. Et SWAT team og en prest entrer bygningen, samt tre tenåringer, en brannmann, og mannen til den ene familien. Begge gruppene har kamera med seg. SWAT teamet er skikkelig amatører, og tenåringene er hysteriske og dumme. Jeg syntes ikke filmen klarte å tilføye noe nytt, dessuten var den full av idiotiske løsninger.

Karakter: 3,5/10

Adventureland (2009)

Jeg trodde dette skulle være en helt grei morsom komedie, men det viser seg å være en romantisk drama med innslag av komedie. Jesse Eisenberg spiller hovedrollen, og han er den samme som han er i alle filmer. Jeg har ikke noe imot denne fyren, jeg synes han passer, men det er kanskje litt teit at han er helt lik i alle filmene han er i. I jenterollen har du Twilightdama Kristen Stewart, som forsåvidt er ganske pen, men jeg synes hun ser forvirra og kåt ut hele tida. I hvert fall i den ene Twilightfilmen jeg så. Problemet med filmen er at det er altfor mye drama. De burde kutta ut mange av birollene og deres privatliv. De burde pøst på med mer humor. En del av humoren er ganske dårlig, blant annet ved bruk av en liten unge som banner stygt. De første 20 minuttene trakk jeg litt på smilebåndet, men så var det liksom slutt. Veldig utforsigbar film. Her har du plottet: gutt møter jente, forelsker seg, så blir det komplikasjoner, så blir de sammen, så finner han ut noe om henne, det blir slutt, så finner de hverandre igjen på slutten, krangler litt, blir sammen igjen. Ahhhh!

Karakter: 4/10

The Pacific (2010)

Tja… De høye forventningene mine til denne miniserien ble ganske knust. Det The Pacific ikke får til som BoB klarte er personutvikling, gode kampscener, karakterer du har lyst til å følge og mer. Noen av kampscenene er ganske tøffe, men du får aldri noe i nærheten av det som var i BoB. Noen av episodene er totalt unødvendig, blant annet en hvor soldatene er i Australia og de forelsker seg og blablabla. Siste episode, hvor soldatene kommer hjem, er også grisekjedelig.

Karakter: 6/10

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

JCVD, Eldorado, Felon, REC

JCVD (2008)

Jean-Claude Van Damme… Artig film dette her, om et bankran hvor denne fyren blir involvert i.
Skikkelig kult plott, bra spilt, bra bilde, bra klipping. Jean Claude spiller altså seg selv. Mye kul trivia for denne, bl.a. improviserte scener.

Karakter: 8/10

Eldorado (2008)

Finfin liten perle denne belgiske filmen! Den bør få mer oppmerksomhet. Yvan, spilt av regissøren kommer hjem og finner en innbruddstyv som gjemmer seg under senga hans. De snakker, og blir Yvan hjelper tyven med å komme seg hjem. Slik starter denne fantastiske roadmovien som er full av absurditeter, uforsigbare (åssen staves dette ordet?) hendelser, passende soundtrack, godt skuespill og fine symboler.

Karakter: 9/10

Felon (2008)

Tøff fengselsfilm dette her. Wade Porter (Stephen Dorff) blir dømt til 3 år etter å ha drept en innbruddstyv, og vi følger det tøffe livet hans innenfor murene. Skuespilleren er ny for meg, og jeg synes han kler rollen godt. Val Kilmer er også med, uten at jeg klarte å kjenne ham igjen.
Spennende plot.

Karakter: 7,5/10

[REC] (2007)

Whoa! Det er lenge siden jeg har sett en så skummel film som dette. En spansk tv-reporter og kameramann blir med noen brannmenn ut på et oppdrag, som viser seg å bli et helvete. Der har du plottet. Her får du en blanding av The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity og Besatt (svensk). Filmen er mest ekkel i starten, deretter blir du liksom litt mer vant med goreeffektene. Mange steder begynner jeg kanskje å lure på hvorfor kamerateamet gjør som de gjør, hvorfor de absolutt må filme her og der, liksom som om de ikke tenker på faren for å bli angrepet… Det må kanskje være sånn, for at seeren skal få se det skumle.

Karakter: 8/10