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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Music News

It is hard to keep track of all your bands' updates and news all the time, so I searched through a list of favourites, finding out if I could sign their mailing list. At the same time I looked after new stuff: albums, side projects etc. Maybe this post will be informative to you too.

(NA= new album,LP) (NE= new EP) (S=on spotify) (D=dissolved?)

- The Ponys, NE "Deathbed Plus 4" (2010)

- Harmful, NA "Cause" (2010) (S)

- Working for a nuclear free city, NA soon

- Humanzi, NA "Kingdom of Ghosts"

- A Toys Orchestra, NA "Midnight Talks"

- All the Saints, NA soon

- Ambulance Ltd, new project "The Red Romance" (S)

- Autolux, NA "Transit-Transit"

- Blackmail, side project "Scumbucket" (S)

- Calla, (D)

- Cul de Sac, (D)

- The December Sound, NA soon

- Devics, (D)

- Electrelane, (D)

- Experimental Aircraft, NA soon

- Explosions in the sky, NA 2011

- Film School, NA July 2010

- George Dorn Screams, NE

- Interpol, NA 7th September 2010

- Junius, NA "The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist" (2009) (S)

- Kinski, NA autumn 2010?

- Kristin Hersh, NA "Crooked" (?)

- Liam Finn, side project "Barb"

- The Lovetones, NA "Dimensions" (2009)

- Pagoda, NA "Rebirth" (?)

- Pelican, NA "What we all come to need" (2009)

- Say Hi, NA "Oohs and Aahs" (2009)

- Scout Niblett, NA "The Calcination of Scout Niblett" (2010)

- Soundpool, NA "Mirrors in your eyes" (2010)

- Tears Run Rings, NA "Distance" August 24th 2010

- Tool, NA 2010?

- Viva Voce, new project "Blue Giant"

- The Walkmen, NA "Lisbon" September 14th 2010

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