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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Music Recommendation August

She Makes War – Disarm (2010)
It may be four years late for me to write about this album, but I didn't discover it before last month.
She Makes War consists of multi-instrumentalist Laura Kidd, and the music can be compared to Cat Power and Kristin Hersh. The whole album is good. 

Dead Rabbits – The Ticket That Exploded (2013)
This psychedelic rock band sounds like The Black Angels, The Warlocks and similar bands, but with a hint of shoogaze. Nice.

Total Control – Typical System (2014)
This Australian band should be one of my favorites of 2014. It sounds a bit if it was from the 80s with the synth and post-punk influenced music.

Kevin Morby – Harlem River (2013)
This guy plays in Oslo at my birthday this September. The beautiful music reminds me of Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand", Spain, Kurt Vile. 

Tripwires – Spacehopper (2013)
It took me some time to enjoy this album, but that should be a good sign of a great piece of music.
Spacehopper sounds like it could be from the 90's and sounds a bit like Radiohead, Muse and maybe even Smashing Pumpkins. 

Grim Tower - Anarchic Breezes (2013)
Grim Tower is a collaboration between Imaas Wasif and Stephen McBean (Black Mountain) and the result is a powerful, beautiful, dark album. I think it sounds like True Widow and Creepoid sometimes, and that is not bad.

Hammerhead – Into The Vortex (1994)
It may be twenty years too late for me to write about Hammerhead. I haven't heard about it before now, and the music hits me right in the face. It sounds a bit like Offspring. 

Die Nerven – Fun (2014)
This German punk/garage rock should also be one of my favorites this year. The music makes me want to jump up and down with my fist in the air. Sort of.