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Monday, June 7, 2010

Deadgirl, Patrik 1,5, Dirty Mind

Deadgirl (2008)

Man, what an excellent movie… Just kidding, this was shit. It is about Ricki and JT who are supposed to be in their late teenagers, but look like they are in the mid twenties. One day they explore this closed, old hospital and find a dead girl inside. Well, she is dead, but she is alive too, and JT finds her so attractive that he wants to do her. Ricki does not share the same feeling about the girl, maybe because he is in love with another girl in his class, a girl he dated 5 years ago. JT brings another friend to make love with the zombie, and Ricki think this is crazy and want it to stop.
Sure you can’t expect a lot of quality from low budget zombie flicks, but there are lots of irritating things here. The script is really bad. I wonder how many times the say “man” or their names in the dialogs. “Man, Ricki…” etc. There are a lot of plot holes, bad acting and bad editing. The main character Ricki (Shiloh Fernandez) reminds me of the girl from Twilight; nail biting and the same weird face expression all through the movie. The other guy, JT (Noah Segan), is actually not so bad.
Some things are good, though: the cinematography is not as bad as you would think, and there are some scenes that are pretty nasty. The soundtrack is not too bad either, and the movie is watchable.

My rating: 3/10

Patrik 1,5 (2008)

Why did I bother to watch so much of this shitty movie?
It is about a gay couple wanting to adopt a baby. They get a letter in their mail, saying they may adopt “Patrik 1,5”, but when the boy is “delivered” at the door, they see that Patrik actually is 15 years old. And worse: Patrik is homophobic and a bad boy. And it is more: everyone in their street despise them being all gay.
Yes, the movie is pretty predictable. And it has a lot of dull humor; the only funny moments are with Torkil Peterson’s character, maybe because Torkil always is a funny actor.
The script is weak, the soundtrack is horrible, and there’s the “SFSGTA” (Stupid Fight, Splitting, Get Together Again). I quit watching after the second "we don’t need each other, even though it is not true…”. A lot of clichés: Torkil’s character has a tough/troubled daughter, who we definitely know for sure will match Patrik. Bahh.

My rating: 2,5/10

Dirty Mind (2009)

Nice… This Belgian movie really kicked ass.
It is about shy Diego, working with his stuntman-brother at film sets. One day he has to step in for his brother doing a stunt, and it goes bad. Then he wakes up at the hospital as a completely new man: Tony. Tony is cool, tough and the girls are attracted to him. Some staff at the hospital believes that Diego/Tony suffers from a case of Frontal Syndrome, and the pretty neurologist Jaana is doing some investigation on him.
The cinematography is very stylish, tough and original. There are lot of cool stunt scenes, beautiful pictures, great acting, great soundtrack and great script.
- Funny, awesome movie!

My rating: 9,5/10

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