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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Best movies 2012

1. Dredd 3D (2012)

 Maybe I had seen a lot of bad movies right before I saw this at the cinema, but I was totally blown away by this cool film. Really nice visuals, tough music and kick ass action. My rating: 9/10

2. Oslo 31. August (2011)

I really liked the atmosphere in this Norwegian movie. The acting is surprisingly good, I hope we will the Anders Danielsen Lie in more movies in the future. A touching story. My rating: 9/10

3. Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

I love the casting in this Wes Anderson movie. Edward Norton, Bruce Willies and Bill Murray really fits their characters. This is one of my favorite Wes Anderson movies. My rating: 9/10

4. Shame (2011)

I liked the atmosphere, the acting and the soundtrack in this movie. Some bits reminded me of American Psycho, like the coldness and such. My rating: 9/10

5. Få Meg På For Faen (Turn me on, Dammit) (2011)

I had very low expectations on this Norwegian indie flick, because Norwegian movies tend to suck, they tend to have bad acting and such. I was totally surprised. This flick was funny, original and well made. My rating: 9/10

6. Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011)

This movie was slow, but with the great acting, story and cinematography this movie got to my heart. My rating: 9/10

7. Atmen (Breathing) (2011)

Austrian fine movie. Touching and a great story. My rating: 9/10. 

8. Michael (2011)

Sad story, but well acted, great story with a lot of surprises. My rating: 9/10
9. Izlet (A Trip) (2011)

I remembered I thought this was slow and with annoying characters in the beginning, but this Slovenian film soon surprised me. Great story and cinematography. My rating: 9/10

10. Take Shelter

Michael Shannon does a great job here. The cinematography is beautiful. My rating: 8,5/10

11. Boy Wonder (2010)

12. The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

13. The Hunter (2011)

14. Killer Joe (2011)

15. Black's Game (2012)

16. Ill Manors (2012)


Friday, December 28, 2012

Best music albums of 2012

At first when I was to start ranking my top 10 albums in 2012 I was thinking it would be hard, that it was impossible to find 10 worthy albums, but I soon discovered that was not true. In this year's list most bands are a bit unknown like Suicide Dolls, Grass Widow, Creepoid and Helvetia. 

1. Mark Lanegan - Blues Funeral 

This is my favorite Mark Lanegan album.With so many great tracks it was easy to rank this #1. Favorite track: "Phantasmagoria Blues".

2. So Much For Nothing - Livsgnist


The first time I put together my Top 10 list I managed to forget to put this really great Norwegian black metal debut album on. My favorite metal album in a long time. Favorite track: "One Last Night".

3. Suicide Dolls - Prayers In Parking Lots

This unknown rock band really deserves more attention. They remind me a bit of Pixies, Sonic Youth and maybe even a bit of Turboneger. I didn't find any good quality clips at youtube, but you can find their music on Spotify and bandcamp: Favorite track: "Shoo".

4. Django Django – S/t

Great new music. Saw them live in Berlin, but that was a bit disappointing. Many cool party songs in this album. Favorite track: "Firewater" 

5. The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Aufheben

Aufheben is really a great chill album. A very different work from the earlier albums of BJM. Their show in Oslo was fantastic.
Favortite track: "I Want to Hold Your Other Hand".

6. Damien Jurado - Maraquopa

 A beautiful album from Damien Jurado, the first one to get on my top 10's.  Favorite track: "Life Away from the Garden"

7. Grass Widow - Internal Logic

 Great album which sounds like Electrelane and Veronica Falls. Favorite track: "Goldilocks Zone"

8. Allah Las – s/t

Nice psychedelic rock. If you like The Brian Jonestown Massacre I think you will like these guys.
Favorite track: "Tell Me (What's On Your Mind)

9. Creepoid - Horse Heaven

Great music. The good songs on the album are really something, I didn't have to listen through the songs too much before I was thinking "this is my sound". Favorite track: "Stranger".

10. Helvetia - Nothing In Rambling

 As for many of the other great more unknown bands on this list, I hadn't heard of this band before this album. I'm not sure how I discovered Helvetia, but I'm sure I don't regret it. Favorite track: "Nothing in Rambling", which sounds a bit like The Black Keys.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Recent movie ratings

Savages (2012) – 5/10
The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists! (2012) – 6/10
Ted (2012) – 7/10
No habrá paz para los malvados (2011) – 6/10
End Of Watch (2012) – 7,5/10
Skyfall (2012) – 8/10
The Imposter (2012) – 7,5/10
Black's Game (2012) – 8,5/10

Gave up:
Holy Motors (2012)
Your Sister’s Sister (2012)
Premium Rush (2012)
Paradies Liebe (2012)