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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New music, August

Tomorrow I will drive to Molde, that’s approximately a 8 hour long drive. Last time I went, I made 4 mix cds, but now I have to make some new ones. Fortunately I have got some new music now and you should check out these:


Brendan Perry is pretty new to me. I am going to buy "Ark" (2010). Almost all the songs on the album are great.

Experimental Aircraft is a small band from Austin, Texas and has a lot of good songs.

Harmful from Germany has a lot of good music, too bad I could not find "Fingertips" from their last album "Cause" (2010).

I have known Say Hi for some years know, but their latest album "Oohs and ahhs" is pretty new for me.

Now, this is a sweet girl I would like to date!

Unfortunatly I couldnt find any songs from his lates album "Cities" (2009), but that is a very good album. Really nice sounds.

... from the latest album "Speedbath".

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