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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ny mix

Denne mixen ble laget ved å kjøre shuffle på winamp med all musikken min (8420 sanger).

mix 270909:

1.wooden shjips - blue sky bends
2.kinski - hiding drugs in the temple (part 2)
3.junius - from the isle of the blessed cult - will of a volcano
5.deftones - boulevard nights
6.quickspace - they shoot horse dont they
7.vic chesnutt - everything i say
8.little champions - glory take a shot
9.psychic ills - days
10.sufjan stevens - we wont need legs to stand
11.the clean - fish
12.lavender diamond - like an arrow
13.celebration - foxes woodrose - caught in a whirl
15.chokebore - motionless
16.emiliana torrini - dead things
17.frank sinatra - it was a very good year

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