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Sunday, October 11, 2009

mix 11/10/09

1.subaudible hum - untitled
2.papercranes - sea red
3.electrelane - five
4.colour revolt - blood in your mouth
5.grimble grumble - senseless
6.elliott smith - cupids trick
7.sharron kraus - thrice toss these oaken ashes
8.say hi to your mom - not as goth as they say we are
9.candies - you fly while driving
10.king missile - fourtly
11.force of nature - the stroll
12.paul k - overture
13.smashing pumpkins - rhinoceros
14.swell - tonight
15.kristin hersh - srb
16.emily jane white - wild tigers i have known
17.brmc - ha ha high babe
18.bedroom walls - somewhere in newhall

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