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Friday, October 16, 2009


mix 16/10-09

1.soulsavers - praying ground
2.lou barlow - sharing
3.lou barlow - gravitate
4.papercuts - you can have what you want
5.the warlocks - standing between the lovers of hell
6.the organ - there is nothing i can do woodrose - baby blows your mind
8.low frequency in stereo - texas fox
9.pixies - gauge away
10.shannon wright - you hurry wonder
11.autolux - under orbit
12.the walkmen - a night in the nursery
13.hala strana - stouthrief morning jacket - master plan
15.the warlocks - come save us
16.smashing pumpkins - opbscured
17.the clean - franz kafka at the zoo
18.spoon - the minor tough
19.björk - come to me - a place of no eyes
21.deftones - one weak

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