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Monday, July 13, 2009


Jeg og søstern min skal kjøre til Solund imorgen, og jeg må lage et par cder for anledningen. Jeg skal lage best of Chokebore i tillegg til denne mixen:

1. the black angels - 18 years
2.a toys orchestra - peter pan sindrome
3.akron/family - there's so many colours
4.grizzly bear - two weeks
5.the new year - the end's not near
6.the new year - the idea of you
7.robert gomez - the leaving
8.whispertown 2000 - pushing ours
9.yppah - bobbie joe wilson stith - creekmouth
11.sebadoh - happily divided
12.sebadoh - think (let tomorrow bee)
13.arbouretum - false spring
14.arbouretum - another hiding place
15.arbourtetum - thin dominion

Best of Chokebore:

1.pacific sleep patterns (A Taste For Bitters)
2.ghosts, and the swing of things (A Taste For Bitters)
3.narrow (A Taste For Bitters)
4.sleep with me (A Taste For Bitters)
5.foreign devils on the silk roa (Anything near wather)
6.the perfect date (Black Black)
7.where is the assassin (Black Black) are the sunshine of my life (Black Black) forceful (It's a miracle)
10.ciao L.A. (It's a miracle)
11.geneva (It's a miracle)
12.police (It's a miracle)
13.Motionless (motionless)
14.A taste for bitters (a taste for bitters)
15.Person you chose (its a miracle)
16.the sweetness (black black)
17.the rest of your evening (Black Black)

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