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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best albums of 2013

1. Grandfather – In Human Form

It was easy to put Grandfather's second album on top of the list this year. The music is raw, dark and beautiful, and sounds a bit like a mixture of Tool and Deftones.
My favorite track: Wishes

2. His Clancyness – Vicious

The Italian Jonathan Clancy with his band members delivers some really great, playful indie rock.
My favorite track: Progress

3. The Low Frequency in Stereo – Pop Ubskura 

I think this is my favorite album from this band. Their concert at Blå in November was the best show I attended in 2013. My favorite track: Colette (subie subie).

4.La Maison Tellier – Beaute Pour Tous

French folk-rock with beautiful melodies and vocal. Favorite track: La Maison de nos peres

5. Wolf People – Faint

Nice prog-rock with a clear great vocal. The music reminds me a bit of Arbouretum. Their concert at Oslo Psych Fest in December was outstanding. Favorite track: Thief

6.Kurt Vile – Walking on a Pretty Daze

If it hadn't been for the first popular track “Walkin on a pretty day”, this album wouldn't be on this list. The song is superb, and the rest of the tracks are not bad, but some are too monotonic.

7. Division of Laura Lee – Tree

I was surprised I didn't knew about this Swedish interesting band. After listening to Tree, I began to go through their previous releases and I discovered a lot of great songs. The music reminds me of Sonic Youth and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.
Favorite track: Great Machinery

8. Team Ghost – Rituals

French synth rock/electronic shoegaze. I dig it. Favorite track: Somebody's Watching.

9. Izakaya Heartbeat – Enter – Rainbow Lake

I have listened to this album a lot. This Norwegian band delivers great noisy, psychedelic rock and I don't have any band to compare them with. That is great sign. Favorite track: Crystal Eyes.

10. Jacco Gardner – Cabinet of Curiosities

This Dutch guy delivers a nice mixture of psychedelia and pop. Favorite track: the title track.

11. Hooded Fang – Gravez 

Favorite track: Bye Bye Land.

12.Black Hearted Brother – Stars Are Our Home

This group reminds me of The Earlies, The Flaming Lips and Dosh.

13.Grooms – Infinity Caller

It took me some time to like this album. That is maybe because the best songs appear to be in the middle of it. Grooms reminds me of Spoon, Stephen Malkmus and Built to Spill. Favorite track: Completely.

14. Scout Niblett – It's Up To Emma

This is the 6th album from this cute girl. The three first tracks are very good, but unfortunately the rest of the album does not give me much. Favorite track: Can't Feel Me Now.

15. Feeding People – Island Universe

This band's music hit you right in the face with its powerful, energetic, raw psych/noise-rock. Some songs are more slow going, and with those it is easier to enjoy the nice female vocal. Favorite track: Insane

16. Strangers Family Band – s/t

This is nice psychedelic music influenced by the 60's. Favorite track: Yaer Time.

17. Luder – Adelphophagia

This is the second album from Luder. The band plays a mix of metal, psychedelia, and alternative rock and it is very relaxing to listen to. Favorite track: Astrolabe.

18. Deerhunter – Monomania

Deerhunter's 6th album is a bit more noisy and more garage-rockish than their earlier works. Monomania has a lot of great songs, and my favorite is T.H.M.

19. The Moondoggies – Adios I'm A Ghost

Favorite track: A Lot To Give.

20. Madensuy- Stabat Mater

Madensuy's third album is far as god as the last one, “D Is Done” (2008) and was a small disappointment for me. I've listen through the album 9-10 times by now and I have not grown tired of the songs, but I miss some spark. Favorite track: Give.

2013 disappointments:
  • True Widow – Circumambulation
  • BRMC – Specter at the Feast
  • Junip – s/t

2013 best discorery:
- Ravens & Chimes.

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