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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Recent movies watched

13 Assassins (2010)
My rating: 9/10

Smukke mennesker (2009)

Kind of sick movie. Reminded me a little bit of Todd Solondz’ “Happiness”, only this was way better. Original, great acting, cinematography, script and an ending which made me feel real goosey.

My rating: 9/10

Mammuth (2010)

Funny, surprising, original, different,

My rating: 8,5/10

Hesher (2010)

Different, surprising. Great.

My rating: 8,5/10

Super (2010)

I usually don’t find movies too brutal, but I have to say this film had a bit too much violence in it. Maybe I felt it that way because of the recent horrible Utøya tragedy.
Anyway, the movie was funny, dark, different and surprising. I like Rainn Wilson, he is a great actor in this, in Hesher too, and I love him from The Office. Ellen Page who is playing the character’s sidekick, is really hot in this.

My rating: 8/10

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